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My Soul Sings.

Several months back I stumbled across a novel written by Kim Vogel Sawyer.  The book grabbed my attention.  The plot was different than any I had ever read, it was based on actual historical events, and, most interestingly, it made me want to write fiction.

Me?  Write FICTION?!  That book* must have been good...  

Recently I had an opportunity to receive an advanced release copy of "My Soul Sings" in exchange for writing a review.  I am even pretending that when she wrote "ARC NOT FOR RESALE," what she was really writing was, "TO ANNE, MY NUMBER 1 FAN.  LOVE, KIM."

Friends...dedication or not, I loved the book.

One of the things that I love about Kim's writing is that she always comes up with compelling story lines.  I find that I get drawn in, and I MUST FINISH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because I can never tell where she's going to go with the story.

"My Soul Sings" was no different.  I got wrapped up in the characters, and couldn't fig…

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