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Facing demons (but not jumping hurdles).

Our family recently spent some time in my hometown.  Our visit coincided with my final long run for some training that I'm doing, and as I tried to plan my route, I was having a difficult time coming up with enough streets in my hometown to achieve the number of miles I was looking for.  (Yup, it's a small town.)

I made a loop around the largest route I could find and ended up at the track behind my old high school.

The same track that I DREADED visiting every spring in elementary school.  The one where we had to choose two races to run, and I chose the 50 and 100 yard dash because they required the least amount of running.  The one where I always came in last.

The same track where I (very painfully) had to run a mile to participate in volleyball.  I never could run it fast enough to check off that requirement.

The same track where I watched the real runners practice for track meets.

I looked back at some of my previous running posts, and I realized that I used to really strug…

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