"Someday when I'm swallowing swords..."

I'm trying hard to be a good mom.

I'm sending them to school, I'm teaching them to do chores, I'm making sure they learn how to swim...

But I'm wondering if it's all for naught.

Often we need to remind Blake to take smaller bites of his food AND chew the bites of his food while he eats.  This is a good life skill, yes?

Except...recently we were eating hot dogs, and I (once again) reminded Blake to take smaller bites.

Without missing a beat, he swallowed what was in his mouth, and, quite matter-of-fact, he explained to me,

"Mom, someday when I am swallowing swords in the circus I will say, 'See, Mom?  And you told me to only take small bites.'"




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