Must. Lose weight. Now.

I've been working at losing some of the weight that I gained as a reward for having kids.  I've actually been really blessed- it's going well this time, and I've lost about 10 pounds.  :)

But...I've got another 20 to go.  (And would you believe that my goal weight is only just under the "overweight" limit for my height?  Another post, I guess...)

Switch gears.

I found some REALLY COOL SHOES online.  I think they're last year's "model," because they were getting clearanced out big time, and because I'm lucky enough to wear [ahem] size 12 (which evidently nobody else wears), they had some left in my size, AND my size was the cheapest offered.


I can't justify new shoes right now.  My running shoes are fine yet...I don't need new shoes right now.

But they're really really cool-looking and really really cheap and I really want some new purple shoes!!!!!!!!!

So (with Nate) I came up with a plan.  I bought the shoes, and I'm saving the shoes...not going to wear them until I hit my halfway goal- five more pounds.

Five pounds has never seemed like so much!!!  I think it might be the end of me!

(I think Abby likes them too.)


Lori said…
I am sure you will be wearing your shoes soon. My only question is will they be as fast as your current pair?
Anne said…
hello...they're purple! they'll be TWICE as fast!
Kim said…
See? Now you tell me. We're banning donuts until the end of time. (p.s. cute shoes)

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