I'm not the girl he married...

Today marks exactly one month until my birthday, so cue the annual "30 days of Anne" celebration and concurrent period of introspection.

I joked with Nate the other night that I'm not the girl he married.  ("Today Anne" is a much better cook, believe it or not.)

The more I think about that conversation, however, the more I realize how true it is.

"Newlywed Anne" was thinner and wore contacts. 
"Today Anne" doesn't wear contacts because her eyes always too tired.  ;)

"Newlywed Anne" couldn't wait to buy a house.
"Today Anne" loves her house, but can't keep it clean (and sometimes misses the simplicity of apartment life).

"Newlywed Anne" fell asleep in the chair watching her husband play WoW.
"Today Anne" loves it when her husband plays games late- because that means he's awake and still on kid duty.

"Newlywed Anne" had to try to convince her husband that a new purse was a justifiable expense.
"Today Anne" doesn't remember the last time she carried a purse (in lieu of a diaper bag...or just throwing her wallet/keys/phone in a canvas reusable bag as she chases the kids out the door).

"Newlywed Anne" had pretty highlights in her hair.
"Today Anne" is starting to notice some different, ahem...natural highlights in her hair...

But alas, I digress.

No, I'm not the girl that Nate married- I think I'm better.  I'm older.  I've learned more.  I've learned more about him.  I've learned more about taking care of him (and I do a better job of it, I hope).  

I also have some kids to take care of, and I need to work harder to not let those little rugrats take my focus completely off of Nate- who happens to be a very amazing guy- even more amazing, believe it or not, than that guy I married six years ago.


Kim said…
I love this post. Love it.

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