The rest of the story.

Recently I visited a church, and a pastor gave a children's moment.

He started an illustration, and I was really impressed.

The pastor spoke of how he was a die-hard fan of one football team, and he was serving a church in a rival team's territory.  The pastor was so enthusiastic about his team during his time serving in that church that he actually was able to convince some of the people in his congregation to switch their allegiances to his team.

He went on to explain to the children that when we are very excited about something, our friends will naturally want to be excited about that thing too.

And then he was done.

And I felt myself lurch forward a little bit- as if I was in a car and the driver suddenly slammed on the brakes.

In Luke 19 Jesus says to the Pharisees that if his disciples didn't shout his praises, even the rocks would cry out.  These verses came to my mind as I fought the urge to jump up and say, "Jesus!  It's about Jesus!"

Friends, that pastor's illustration was really neat.  But...would you allow me to finish it?

You see...I want to be that fan- the one who is so effervescent about my team that everyone else starts to wonder that the big deal is.

Because my team?  Jesus-- the one who actually came to this earth, lived a perfect life, and died and rose again so that I could be redeemed and live in heaven someday--  IS THE GREATEST.

He's undefeated, actually.

And He'll never lose.

And that should make us all so excited that we cheer and jump on His bandwagon.


medookubgu said…
want to be excited about that thing too.

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