How to travel with kids.

1.  Don't travel with kids.

2.  If you must travel with kids, take our kids.  They're fabulous.  (We're tired, but they're fabulous.)

3.  If you travel with our kids, take my parents.  They're even more fabulous.

4.  Borrow your friend's car seat cart for passage through the airport.  Your two year-old will love it, and at least 15 people will comment on what a savvy traveler you are.

5.  Gummy bears.  For their ears.  On the plane.

6.  Take plenty of these.  Trust me.

7.  Also take hand sanitizer.  And baby wipes.  Lots of baby wipes.

8.  Did I mention that you should take the grandparents?  Make sure you take the grandparents.  Or don't take the kids...


Kim said…
You put gummy bears in your kid's EARS???

What a savvy traveler you are ;)

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