I love Christmas break.

Oh glory.

Don't even look at the date of my last post. 

I love to blog!  I do!  But I also love to do a lot of other things, and there have been A LOT of things over the past several months.  And somehow I got very lost in my to-do list.

And alas, this blog has been sorely neglected.

But now it's Christmas vacation, and Christmas vacation is wonderful, my friends.  My commitments are close to zero, and I'm actually finding time to have some fun with my kids.  And the TV that they're watching?  It's for fun, and not because I've (gulp) got something more pressing to do than to flop on the bed with them and read library books.

And that, my friends, is what we're doing a lot of this Christmas break.  We're flopping on the bed and reading library books.  (And not just kids books.  Would you believe that I've caught up on five magazines and I've almost completed a second book?)

We're playing outside.

We're ALL going grocery shopping and taking time to chat with our favorite grocery store lady.

You get the idea.

It's good.  (Do I really have to send the kids back to school?)

As long as I'm on a roll, what else is up?

I'm still having fun with my Etsy shop.  It's interesting.  My inventory is down, but I'm continuing to get a pretty steady stream of custom orders.  I'm finding that I still really enjoy working with people and sewing with fabric that I probably wouldn't choose for myself.

I'm still blessed and thankful to also have a job (working for a great Realtor) which I can do at home.  Have I mentioned how thankful I am?  It's a job I enjoy, and I'm able to have flexible hours and be present with my kids and Nate. 

I've considered crafting for fun.  Hehe...I haven't actually gotten that far yet, but the very fact that I'm considering it is a good sign.  (I cleaned/organized my craft room...does that count?)

Finally, I'm contemplating signing up for another race.  I would like to run in honor of a friend who has jumped in the ring for a second bout with cancer, and this time I would like to raise money for the cancer center at the Mayo Clinic, and I would like to invite a whole mess of people to join me for whatever distance...a 5K...10K...half...  But I'm a little scared.  Lately more often than not when I run I get those oh-so-fun GI issues that really aren't so fun, and I'm scared that I would deal with that throughout the entire training...but really- should it matter?  I mean...do cancer patients get to choose when they have GI issues...but that's where I'm at with that. 

...and I'll try to be a better blogger in 2015.



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