I'm not called to be her.

Sometimes you're going along with your day, and then you stumble across a picture or a pin or a blog entry that reminds you that there's somebody out there kinda like you who's doing things a whole lot better.

And your first instinct is to sigh.  And then you sigh again.  And then you feel defeated....there's no possible way that you'll ever be as put together as she is.

And your shoulders sag a little lower.  And you go on with your day, but the closet you just organized doesn't make you quite so proud anymore...because she's got one that looks even more Pinterest-worthy.

How many times each week (each day?) does this happen?


Because when I pause and actually think about it, you know what?  

I'm really very thankful for what I have.

My house isn't in her neighborhood...but it's a house!  And it keeps us warm.  And it will be paid off before my kids all finish high school!

And my furniture isn't perfectly matched like hers...but you know what?  If I did have that fancy furniture I'd be even more sad when one of my kids draws/cuts/pees on it!

And there's no way that I'll ever be able to do all of the things like she does them...because I am not called to be her.

I'm called to be me.  
God has given me a very special set of gifts for the very special jobs that He has called me to do.  If I had her gifts I wouldn't be able to properly do my work...nor she mine if things were reversed.

Friends, I encourage you.  

Be thankful.

Look around you- at what God has given you.

No, it's not like hers.

But it's perfect for you.


Anonymous said…
So true!

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