[Another] Sew Together bag.

For Christmas this past year I made each of my nieces and nephews a sew together bag.  And I made one for myself.  And I made one for my mom.

And I loved them.

There are a lot of zippers (4 in each bag!  AH!), but the zippers really aren't as scary as I thought they would be.  

And I loved how the bags came together.

But making seven of them is a lot of work.

So I hid the pattern for a long while.

Until recently, when Blake got invited to a birthday party, and I thought about these bags, and I thought about how kids LOVE to hide treasures.  And I figured it would be a pretty excellent gift for Blake's friend.

I made the outside out of denim, and for the pockets I used some bright orange and blue.

I love how it turned out!  

Now I might just have to make another one... 


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