Garden: Week 2!

Well, friends!  We're back at it!  We're so thankful to be able to participate in a community garden through Nate's work again this year.

We planted last week, and this week Abby and I went back to check on it.

We have split plots this year (rather than having them all together in one square like last year).


Because we planted mostly seeds, there's not much to show.  They look pretty boring, actually.  When Abby and I stopped by this week I was afraid to do much weeding, lest I yank out my tiny seedlings by accident.  :)

Per tradition, each kid got to choose their own plant from a garden center to start us out.  Blake chose the biggest tomatoes he could find.


Camille chose purple petunias,


And Abby chose a pepper plant.


For some reason not many of my tomato seeds took this year, and this guy probably represents my best chance at getting a harvest from a tomato seed.  We'll see...

Finally, note to self: while the kids are indeed getting older and more responsible, it is definitely less stressful to go to the garden with only one in tow.  :)


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