Quilt Camp 2015.

It's such a joy to be able to travel to Camp Lebanon to Quilt Camp each year.  I'm blessed by the camp, the women, the program...all of it.  I'm thankful that my mom lets me tag along, and I'm thankful that Nate encourages me to go.

This year I made some things that I am SO SO SO excited about, so I had to share.  Hope you don't mind.  ;)

My first projects were from the book Make It, Take It.  I really liked the looks of the little tote bags in the book, and I wanted to try to make one from a fat quarter bundle (a fat quarter is a piece of fabric cut to 18" x 22") that my mom had given me awhile back.  

When I made the little version, I realized that it would be a perfect size for the girls, but not so much for me.  So...of course I made the big version to match.  It was a little bit of a challenge getting both bags out of the fat quarter bundle, but a little bit of piecing the strips together, et voila!  Matching totes!  (I had to use an additional fabric to make the lining for the larger tote.)

I was also itching to try these little tote bags in Crazy Mom Quilts' Good Neighbors fabrics.


No additional words needed.  :)

My second goal was to make some little toiletry bags for the kids for when we travel.  I dug into the Good Neighbors fabrics for those too.  I used my mom's pattern (I wish I would've written down the pattern's name!), which is written such that you take two fat quarters, cut them at the same time, and then switch out the fabrics so that you end up with sets of two coordinating bags.

You're not going to see too many more pictures of these guys.  I ended up loving them so much they just might be reappearing as Christmas presents...  

Finally, I allowed myself to mess around with some tiny paper pieced trees.  My original intent was to make them into ornaments, but some new friends squealed when they saw them and encouraged me to make them into mug rugs.  Again only one pic of these guys, because they'll most definitely be reappearing around December 25.  Wink, wink...

So...that's quilt camp.  How many days until next year?



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