Soft burp cloths.

Once in awhile I get to work on a project that's all nice and soft and baby-ish.

And it reminds me of a time when my kids were much smaller and tiny and sweet...

...and it felt like they didn't sleep ever and I didn't sleep ever and it seemed like life was a ton of work.


Don't worry.  I take my two minutes to appreciate the cuteness and cuddly-ness of tiny babies.  And then I move on.

That's what happened when I made these adorable burp cloths for a friend.  She requested some coordinating fabrics with woodland animals, and she requested that they be soft.

I think I achieved both goals!

So thankful for another opportunity to do a custom order.  And may the baby that requires these burp cloths sleep.  A lot.  

Enjoy.  :)


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