Latvia Tote Bag.

Recently I got a message in my Etsy shop from a woman who purchased a bag from me two years ago.

The customer loved her bag so much that when it came time for her to order another one, she thought of coming to me first.  I wish you could see the smile on my face as I typed that sentence.  Do you know how neat it makes me feel to know she thought of asking me to do another bag?

In her message, the woman explained that she has a friend from Latvia, and she was wondering if I could incorporate a Latvia-themed scarf into a tote bag for her friend.

Friends, this is what I love about the Etsy thing.  I really enjoy custom orders, and I really REALLY enjoy it when I get to come up with something thoughtful/special/unique.

Her only other request was that I use denim, so I took the scarf and got to work. 

Confession:  I was terrified to make the first cut.  Terrified, I tell you.

But once I got past the first cut, the rest was fun.  ;)

Because of the large scale of the map on the scarf, I decided to use half of the country on the front of the bag, and half of the country on the back. 

Some of the placement of the panels was dictated by the recipient's hometown of Daugavpils- I wanted to make sure I didn't crop out the most important city on the map!  (and wouldn't you know it was wayyy on the bottom...)

On the inside of the bag I added a pocket, and used some of the leftover scarf material.  I think that's one of my favorite parts.

Et voila!  I really hope the recipient of the bag enjoys this reminder of her home!  I think it's such a thoughtful gift from her friend!



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