Geometric Slide.

Last weekend our family had the pleasure of celebrating a really great girl who's about to graduate from college and get married and do all of the fun things that a girl looks forward to for a really long time.

I wanted to give her a special gift, and really...what could be more special than a quilt?

For this quilt I pulled out my trusty copy of Vintage Quilt Revival.  I really loved completing the sampler quilt, and I've been itching to try another one of the quilts ever since.

I chose "Geometric Slide."  (Here's a picture of author Faith Jones' original version).

I chose to use a gray background with blues and greens, and OHMYGOODNESS it was SO DIFFICULT to give away this quilt.  :)

I love the colorful binding and the texture from the stippling...and pretty much every single thing about this quilt.

So now if someone else could please graduate or get married so I have another excuse to make quilt from this book?

(I'm also linking this finish up with Crazy Mom Quilts' weekly finish it up Friday!)


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