When will I be "a runner"?

I really like to run.  I've typed that before.

It goes against everything I believed and stood for for the first 28ish years of my life.

I thought I hated it.  I thought I couldn't do it.

But I can.  

I wish somebody would have told 15 year-old Anne, "No, you don't have to go out for track or cross country, but it is possible for you to enjoy running.  You do not have to dread 'the mile' in volleyball.  If you take it a little at a time and work up to it, you will probably enjoy it.  You will do well.  You will feel good.  You will feel good about yourself."

I'm currently telling 30 year-old Anne, "Good job.  You're exercising.  You're feeling good.  You're feeling good about yourself.  You aren't super-fast, but that's not a big deal.  You're doing it." 

I'm proud of myself.

But will I ever be "a runner"?

How many miles do you have to run how many times each week at what speed in what brand of shoes in order to give yourself the title?  When can I subscribe to Runners World (so that I can stop covertly buying it issue by issue at Target)?  When will I feel confident enough to even whisper "I'm a runner" without looking around afterward to see who's snorting at me?  Is it a title you can even earn, or do you have to be born that way?


Lori said…
You already are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast you are,the number of races that you have run, the amount of miles that you go, the clothing or shoes that you wear. It's the fact that you enjoy it and that you get out there and do it. Hurry up and get the subscription to Runners World and save yourself some money.
Anne said…
:) thanks, lori.
Great post and great musings. I like what Lori said. Go with that!

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