K is for King Cake

For our last meeting before Christmas, how could I not do a king cake?  What is more Christmas-y than celebrating Jesus, the King?

I used this recipe.  I doubled the recipe and made two larger rings. Before I started i read somewhere else that a king cake is a lot of work.  Um, yes.  I won't really deny it this time.  (Actually, it's very similar to the recipe and amount of work in tea rings...so...Mom...I really could have used you this morning...)  

It does smell quite yummy in our kitchen, and I can't wait to dig in tonight.  Here's hoping they baked all the way through- it's kind of a monstrous bread/cake/ring!


PS- This dessert has to be special...I happened to pull it out of the oven at 12:12 p.m.  Also, please don't be disappointed...I didn't actually hide a king/cashew/orange slice/other random object in the cake.  :-/


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