Taking back our house.

We're coming up on five years of living in our house.

Do you know what that means?

I have let myself walk past THIS

for FIVE ENTIRE YEARS.  Nope.  I have not cleaned behind those knobs once in five years. 

I know what you're thinking: Some people should not be entrusted with houses.  

In my defense, I have thought about it probably 500 times.  I have tried to pry the knobs off (with no success). 

Yesterday was a big day, people. 

How'd I finally accomplish this?  I armed myself with a spoon and bleach wipes (I wrapped the handle of the spoon with a bleach wipe and wedged it in behind the knobs).

Now you can come to my house and not have to pretend that you aren't grossed out when you walk past my stove.  ;)

PS- Dear Nate, we are never ever frying anything on our stove ever again.  XOXOXOXO


I LOVE the before and after shots. I seriously think my blood pressure dropped just by looking at the picture of the cleaned dial. Not that I ever noticed it when at your house - I never have, honestly - but it felt so good to see it! It almost felt like my house was clean too. Can you do some more cleaning so I can feel like I've cleaned? I like this!

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