My run-in with the law.

Please don't think less of me, friends.

I got pulled over by the police today.

I didn't make a complete stop at a stop sign whose existence I have struggled with ever since it was installed a couple of years ago.

I'm ok with that.  I'm upset with myself for not making the complete stop, because I get it.  I broke the law.  I'm upset with the fact that I have to pay a really steep fine, but I get it.  I didn't make a complete stop.

Heavy sigh.

What I'm not ok with is the fact that the officer took quite a bit of time to lecture me on the fact that I was endangering my children's lives by not making a complete stop AND allegedly applying lipstick at the same time (he saw my hand by my mouth) (I was eating a pretzel) (I threw away my last tube of unused lipstick a very long time ago).

The lecture really hurt.  I'm not trying to justify the fact that I didn't make a full three-second stop (I did was just closer to a rolling stop).  I might try to whine about how I have never in (6.5 years) my entire living in this neighborhood met another vehicle at that stop sign.

Friends, I promise you in that instance I was not endangering my children's lives by putting a pretzel in my mouth and not-quite-stopping at a dead intersection.

Friends, I promise you that the entirety of my days right now is devoted to protecting these kids and teaching these kids to do the right thing and BE SAFE.

But that police officer didn't think so.

And honestly, that fact stings.


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