The finished quilt.

You know, when you work long and hard on something, it's a little sad to sew the final stitch and clip the final thread.

And that's what I've done, my friends.  I've finished the blocks from this post...just in time for the wedding to bless the happy couple and their new home.

I'm really, really happy with how the quilt turned out.  It's exactly how I imagined it.  I wouldn't mind keeping this one around our house, actually.  :)  I think the project was made extra special by the fact that all five of us had a hand in the quilt.  (Ok, my hand was largest, but Nate did the ironing, Blake and Camille helped piece and pin, and Abby helped tape the backing to the floor when it was time to pin.)

I adapted the pattern from the blog post Corey wrote for Sew Mama Sew



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