Oh Pinterest.

Tonight I was digging through my recipe box so that I could find my zucchini bread recipe...so that I could make zucchini bread...so that I could use up the zucchini that is in the freezer from last year...so that Nate won't give me such a hard time when I hoard and freeze this season's harvest.

Sigh.  It's a rough life.


At any rate, I realized as I was going through my recipes, that I rarely use my recipe box anymore.  Most of the recipes that I use are very neatly organized and pinned on one of my many Pinterest boards or bookmarked in a "favorites" folder.

Trust me...my Pinterest boards are all very pretty and nice and full of excellent pictures.

But they're missing something.

Handwriting.  Memories.  The smile that I get when I see a distinctive handwriting and think of the person that gave it to me.

So, I guess I'm stuck.  Because I'm kind of loving my Pinterest boards.  And I'm loving my old recipe cards.  And I don't necessarily know how to reconcile it all.

So, it comes down to this:

Don't be surprised or confused if you get an email from me with a link to a new-to-you recipe and a request to copy said recipe in your own handwriting.  



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