A pillow case by Blake.

Blake is invited to a friend's 7th birthday party in a few days, so we pulled out the fabric bins and went to town.

It was my idea to pull blacks and reds, and he did the rest.  He was very particular about what shades of red he chose.

I cut the fabrics into 2.5"x 5.5" rectangles, and Blake began arranging them.  Pretty quickly he decided (on his own!) that he wanted to group them in sets of three.  (My kid is designing quilt blocks, people!!)

I'm amazed at how this pillow case came out.  Blake did the ordering and organizing, and I did the sewing.  I added the black rectangle on the end and a lining because there were so many seams.

Et voila!

A really cool birthday present, if I do say so myself!

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