When I think nobody's listening.

I know in my head that when you are serving God, there is no work that is wasted.

But sometimes I get tired, and I allow myself wonder if what I'm doing really does make a difference...  

"Most of these kids hear the stories at school...they're probably sick of me telling them again in Sunday school." or  "These kids are only five.  I'm pretty sure nothing I say is going to affect their eternal salvation..."

I don't do what I do- be it teach Sunday school, or do something else- to make a splash or to gain my own glory.

But am I alone in wondering if my actions are making a difference?  Even a little difference?  Do my words/actions/prayers matter?


As Nate was putting Blake and Camille to bed (Abby had earned herself an early bed time), he asked the kids which story they wanted to read out of Blake's Bible.  Blake requested the Transfiguration story.  Nate swallowed and opened to the book of Matthew, but wasn't sure exactly which chapter to find the story.

Without missing a beat, Camille replied, "It's chapter 17."

Nate got wide eyes, but continued on to Matthew 17, and read the kids the story.


What Nate didn't know was that we had recently covered the Transfiguration story in Sunday school.  During each lesson I take a moment to help the kids find the book and the chapter for the day's story.  We look to see if the story is in the front of the Bible (before Jesus!) or the back of the Bible (Jesus!), and we look to see if the story has red words (Jesus talking!). 

And you see?  Camille was able to remember the word "transfiguration," and she helped her dad find the chapter so that he could read it to her again at home. 

I encourage you with this:  You never know what words they're listening to, what words they'll remember, or who else those words will touch.  

In this case, my words came back to touch my family.


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