Work in progress...long time coming.

Last May (gulp), I won one of Modern Sewciety's 25 things to celebrate their 25th episode.

The prize that I won was "A Kissing Booth" by Basic Grey jelly roll, a pincushion ring, and a cascade quilt pattern from SewOK.

Oh my goodness!  I was so [SEW?] excited!

You can be sure that I tore into that jelly roll right away.  (A jelly roll in quilting terms is a set of fabrics cut into 2.5" strips and rolled up all pretty like a jelly roll.)  Camille was right there next to me.  She chose strip sets for me to sew together.  Then I cut the strip sets up into squares, and they sat there.

For a really long time.

Until quilt camp.

In November.


I was so excited about winning the gift and working something up with them, and linking to the great sites that sponsored the prizes...but I felt like I needed to have everything sewn together before I could post!

Alas.  Here I am, and the quilt is almost complete!

Not surprisingly, Camille has claimed it already...which is fine, because she did the work of piecing it.

I'm continuing to practice my machine quilting.  Not perfect, but getting better!

Can't wait to show you the finished product!


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