Where will we be [this time]?

Four years ago today I wrote a post entitled "Where will we be?"

In it, I marveled at the fact that 2/29/2008 had been my last day at Step by Step.  Surprise!  My water broke with Blake a couple of days later.

In that blog entry on 2/29/2012, I marveled that in just a short time we'd add another little girl to our family.  Surprise!  Abby was born less than a week later.

Um....I was kinda nervous to write this blog post.  To my knowledge there are no babies joining our family in the next couple of weeks, but my track record with leap days lately has been pretty perfect.  ;)

But alas, another leap day is here, and I have an almost four year-old, a six year-old, and an almost eight year-old.  What will the next four years bring?  In 2020 (2020?!) they'll be 8, 10, and 12 (oh my...).

I'm so, so thankful, and, once again, trying so very hard not to blink.


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