It's nothing that prayer and a Berry Weiss can't fix.

So it seems that allergies or a virus or something has taken hold of me.

And that meant I didn't sleep so great.

And I've spent more time working this week than I had originally planned.

And that meant that what I really wanted to do this morning was have a bad attitude about it all.

But then something incredible happened.  

In the middle of all the sinus fog and encroaching crabbiness, I remembered to thank God for all of the good in it all.

Like the fact that I have a job that allows me to work in my comfy clothes on the couch and not have to be presentable and go into an office somewhere when I really don't feel all that great.

And the fact that my boss is busy enough right now to pay me for a few extra hours...making it easier for our family to cover some of the upcoming expenses I'd also been grumbling about.

And in the middle of the thanks-giving I was doing, a friend brought me some Berry Weiss.  I'm hoping that doesn't lower your perception of me, but It's true.  Once in awhile I love to drink one of those fruity things.  I shocks Nate too.  :)

And in the middle of my thankfulness that Berry Weiss was like the icing on the cake.

Thank you, God, for a day that was redeemed.  And thank you, God, for friends that surprise you with a treat now and then.


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