The best mom in the world.

Last weekend we got to celebrate our nephew's birthday at a large indoor tube maze/play area.

Let me state this clearly:


I'm fairly certain it was decided somewhere all the way back in pre-marital counseling-
Anne is the one who does the crafty stuff.
Nate is the one who does the climbing around after the kids in those grimy, too-small tubes.

Somehow at the party our roles got reversed, and Nate found himself helping set up food.

Which left me to follow Abby through the tubes.

Oh boy.  It was hot, and it was crowded, and I should have worn knee pads.

But at one point Abby turned around with a big smile and giggled and said, "You're the best mommy in the WORLD!"

And then my heart grew two sizes that day.

Does this mean that I stopped looking for the opportunity to swap with Nate at my next opportunity and decided to thoroughly enjoy my tube maze experience?

Not a chance.

But for a few minutes I got to be the fun one in Abby's eyes.

And that made my climb through those grimy, too-small tubes pretty worth it.


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