Sometimes it just doesn't work like you planned.

You think about something for months.

You work on something for hours.

And parts of it look nice.

But it just doesn't work.

You don't have the time and your hands just won't do what your brain is wanting them to.

Perfection is not attained...not even close.

And you need to swallow a lot of pride and confront embarrassment.


And you really need to work on being ok with the fact that you are not perfect.

And you really need to work on being ok with letting other people see that you just might not be able to do it all.


Kim said…
I think our personalities are similar. So this won't matter to you. But for what it's worth, I think this cake is beautiful. And your brother/SIL are blessed to have someone who cares about them enough to put all that effort into this!
Becky said…
I think it looks BEAUTIFUL, my friend! I know that my opinion might not matter to you since you ARE the cake decorator, but I really do love it - and I'm sure many others did, too. <3

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