Taking back our house.

Sometimes in the midst of survival mode there are some things that fall by the wayside, and there are some things that you just plain don't notice.

For instance...  Get up from  your computer, drag a chair in front of your stove, and look at the tops of those cupboard doors.  Yuck.  (Or maybe you are a more vigilant cleaner than I am...but trust me- I had a friend do the same thing, and hers were gross too.  So there.  There's two of us, at least.)

Exhibit B- the area between our desk and the wall, where the paper shredder sits:

BAAAAHHH!!  Make it go away!

(Don't worry...I did.  But, in the process, I have found that I really haven't done much shredding of receipts and such since Abby was born....)

I'm slowly taking back our house, people.  It feels good.


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