Taking back our house.

I'm ready to admit it.  I'm not observant.  Or I'm a horrible housekeeper.  

There is a spot on the top of our pantry cupboard that has bothered me since the day we took possession of our house.  It is discolored.  It is sticky.  And I've left it that way, thinking (or probably just trying to convince myself) that discolored and sticky is just how that cupboard is.

There was a race bib sitting on top of this cupboard.  I ran this race nearly two years ago.  Come on.  It can't have been there for two whole years, can it?

Well, it's not there anymore.

After I moved the race bib I was reminded of the discolored sticky-ness.   I wiped at a little spot.  The discolored sticky-ness went away.


Sigh.  I told you I was...fabulous.  Cleaning the entire thing took (grimace) less than five minutes.

Even though the discolored sticky-ness was gone, I still didn't like that you could see spots on the paint where the previous owners must have ripped up some sort of mat or shelf paper.

So...I covered it with scrapbook paper (kind of like I did for these cabinets). 


Nobody will really see it, but I'll know it's there.  And I think it's pretty. 


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