What is romance?

I was reading an article recently which posed the question, "What does romance mean to you [and your spouse]?"


I kind of didn't have an answer.

So I asked Nate.

He shrugged too. 


Fast-forward to a few days ago.

There is a TV series (Corner Gas) that Nate and I happened upon shortly after we were first married, but for the past five years, we haven't been able to find it anywhere.  It's a Canadian show with some pretty dry humor that grows on you really fast (that modifier was intentionally vague- both the show and the dry humor grow on you fast).  I have kept the DVD on my Amazon wish list for forever...but it remains $90.  Sigh.


Every episode. Every season.  For free.

I tell you all of these details not to bore you, but to tell you just how ecstatic we were to find it.  :)


A few nights ago we put the kids to bed, moved the couch in front of the computer monitor, poured ourselves a glass of wine, and cued up the first episode.

I looked at Nate.

It clicked.

This is romance.  Living on the wild side by moving the couch across the living room, watching a show that cracks us both up, and having a glass of wine with my best friend.  Other people may have more exciting definitions, but I wouldn't change my definition for anything.  :)


I got halfway through my wine, and my eyes started to droop.  I finished my glass, Nate cued up the second episode, and I leaned over on his shoulder

and promptly fell sound asleep.

It's probably still romantic somehow...right?


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