Lightning fast!

You know me.  I'm not out to be the fastest person.  (Ahem...I'm probably just lucky to be not the last person.)

But that's not the point today. 

The older two have VBS this week, and that means that Abby and I have a couple of "free" days.  Yesterday we chose to go for a run.

It was absolutely perfect weather- I filled Abby's stroller cupholders as full as I could with crackers, and we set off.  I was supposed to run four or five, but this week, for some reason, I am really tired.  So we ran three.

And people, I'm fairly certain that they were the fastest three miles that I have ever ran.  I say this because I ran just over three miles in 33 minutes, which includes almost 1/4 mile of warmup/walking/trying to get my audiobook to work at the beginning and twice stopping to pick up my phone from the middle of the road (sigh).

And this was while pushing an Abby.  :)

Nate asked what was the deal with my sudden "burst of speed."  I kind of looked at him strange and said I didn't know.

And then I remembered.

My current shoes are starting to wear through (yes, already), so I wore my new pair for the first time.  It was the shoes. 

It had to be the shoes.

They're purple.  :)

PS- I'm still running to prepare for the half-marathon in October.  I'm raising money through the American Cancer Society so that somewhere someone can KICK cancer.  Wanna support me?  Click here!


Lori said…
Way to go!!!!!!!! That is awesome

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