Work in progress...

I came across a blog that had "Work in Progress Wednesday," and I thought that was pretty clever.

Here's my work in progress:

It comes from this book,

which my mom bought me when Blake was a baby (yes, the very same Blake who is old enough to go to kindergarten do the math).

At any rate, I've been invited to join my mother and her quilty friends at quilt camp in November, so I figured I had better come up with something that would make me have just a tiny bit of credibility (emphasis on tiny).

This project has been sitting, cut out, in my sewing room for a long time.  The SIXTY-SIX (gulp) leaf-things that I have to applique (help!!) have been a slight deterrent, but I'm committed to trying.  I figure I have three months until quilt camp and 63 leaf-things left to sew.

One per day should do it, right?



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