My vanity run.

When I signed up for the half-marathon, I didn't do it for me...I did it for my friends and kick cancer.  I thought I could probably do it, and by God's grace alone, I think I'm going to be able to complete the 13.1 miles.

When I signed up for the Women Run the Cities 10-mile, I did it for me.  I figured hey...if I have to run a really long way that weekend anyway, I might as well get a cool shirt and a medal out of it, and I might as well run with a thousand or so other people AND have a bunch of people along the way to cheer me on.  Let's face early-Saturday runs around the neighborhood don't have any of that.  :)

The WRTC race was yesterday morning.  I got up bright (dark) and early, drove to a light rail station, and let public transit do the rest.  (Very fun, by the way.)

The race was at Minnehaha Park.  This is what the top of the falls looks like at 6:45 a.m. ;)

Here's approximately how many porta-potties you need for that many nervous runners.  (I was early, by myself, bored, and cold- of course I took a lot of pictures.)

It's ok.  You can think I'm strange.  The high school girl I asked to take my picture probably did.  But this was my vanity race, people.  I wanted proof.

And finally, most of the reason I ran it:

My chip time was 2:01:12.  My goal was 2:00:00, but that's ok.  I'm still pretty proud of it, slow as it was (if you're interested...I was 993rd of 1,072 runners).  (Also, notice the fingernails.  Painting them teal makes me 50% more fierce.)


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