My very own egg noodles.

I've wanted to try my hand at egg noodles for awhile, and last Saturday the perfect scenario arose:  I had an abundance of eggs and two whole chickens in the fridge.

Chicken noodle soup?  I think so.

Homemade noodles?  Why not?  Cooking whole chickens does wonders for making you feel invincible in the kitchen.

I used Pioneer Woman's recipe.

Here's what I learned:

They look pretty in this picture,


but a dozen eggs is pretty messy.  (Yes, Nate quite enjoyed documenting my mess.)

The dough was wonderful to work with. 

Finally- the combination of cooking two chickens and making a massive amount of homemade noodles makes you feel like you could totally be Julia Child, AND it earns you a TON of wife points.  ;)



That soup was You are definitely giving Julia Child a run for her money!

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