Hopping back on the [sewing machine].

You want to know what makes your husband really nervous?

When you are sewing along quite nicely and then you let out a scream.


Let's just say I managed to put the sewing machine needle through my finger this weekend, and it kind of hurt.  A lot.  

For quite awhile.

It all turned out ok, and it seems to be healing fine.  My fingernail remains tender, but I guess that's to be expected.

The worst part of the whole experience?


And not just any quilt, it's a white quilt...the quilt that I have been working on for me.  It's the one that I began as part of a quilt along about a year ago, and I've been so excited to finish it and show it on the blog.  But alas.  You're afforded a sneak peek here.  :)

I had the unfortunate mishap on Saturday, and jumped back on the machine on Sunday to finish it, hoping that I can get it finished and treat and wash the stain before I'm left with a permanent reminder of my carelessness.  

Confession:  it was a little scary to sew again.  (It probably didn't help that my bandage kept getting caught in the needle.  Snort.)  


I'm doing free-motion quilting, which means I'm not sewing in a straight line, and therefore there is a bigger chance that your finger will end up under the needle.  But I'm learning, and you'd better believe I was a lot more careful with how "free" my free-motion was.  ;)

I'm happy to report that I'm almost there.  I decided to hand sew the binding, which takes a little longer, but I'm always happier with the result.  And besides...it makes you feel much more domestic and accomplished if you're sitting on the couch with a needle, sewing on a quilt.

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday because A) I love her blog, and B) she's one of the authors of the book this quilt came from...it seemed fitting.  :)


Maryse said…
Oh my! You are bringing back some memories...it happened to me a couple times and I remember, it's not a good feeling.

I hope that you're able to get rid of the blood on your quilt.
JoanG said…
Weird as it may seem, spit on the blood spots and gently rub. The enzymes in your saliva will help pull the stain out. Hope your finger feel better.
Frieda said…
You can put some hydrogen peroxide on the blood and it will remove it, even if it has been a few days. When you pour it on it sort of bubbles and you will know it is working. It has never changed the color on anything either.
Frieda said…
Forgot to say, wash as usual after applying.

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