Alice & Ann.

I would like to present to you Alice and Ann.

Ann is number 4, but I'll present her first, because she caused less drama.

And then we have Alice.

Friends, Alice took me FOUR DAYS to complete.  I'm not sure how many hours it took exactly, but I think it was probably between four and six.

I'm really proud of all of my points!  It wasn't until I finished that I noticed that I made a mistake in the placement of a couple of the pieces.  It was a happy accident though, because I made the mistake twice, and it was symmetrical.

So it's all good.  (And I'm not going to point it out to you.  If you can find it, great.  If not, it'll just go on being a pretty block!)

For about one half of a second I considered ripping it out or making a different block...but that one half of a second was over mighty quick.

Here's a pic of the back.  I think it's almost as pretty as the front!

Enjoy.  :)

(Here's a link to the first post in this series)


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