Real mail.

Friends, I used to send a lot of letters.

It was something that was important to me- to stay in touch with people and to let them know I was thinking about them- especially when they were facing some rough things in life.

And then email and marriage and kids and Facebook happened (and stamps got quite a bit more expensive somewhere in there too...).

And then I didn't send so many letters anymore.

I didn't stop sending messages- I sent emails and FB messages and "virtual hugs"...but a few months ago I realized that I rarely take the time to send real mail.

And that made me sad.

Because there's something very day-brightening about finding a note from a friend in among the bills and ads.

So I've decided to change that.  I'm taking time.  I'm making some cards.  I'm sending them in the mail.  And, hopefully, I'm brightening someone's day along the way.

How about you?  Do you enjoy sending notes (and receiving them!) in the mail?


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