Spanish teacher revisited.

From the time that I graduated from college until the time that Blake was born I worked as a Spanish teacher.

I enjoyed the language, I enjoyed the planning, I enjoyed the interacting with kids...and don't get me started on how much I loved the school supplies.  :)

And then one day it was time for me to go be a mom, and I got to be a different type of teacher, and I love it.  And along with being a mom I've gotten to "work" at other areas...sewing and marketing to name a couple.

But every once in awhile I get a chance to get back in front of a classroom full of kids.  (This year it happened to be each Tuesday afternoon in Blake's classroom.)  And every once in awhile I get to revisit the little jolt of energy that happens when you plan a good activity and the kids are engaged and in that moment it's a thrill....

And while I am super happy to be where I'm at, I'm thankful for the chance to "teach" a tiny bit too.


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