461.  The mailman.
462.  The FedEx/UPS man
463.  The library.
464.  The park.
465.  The baseball diamond.
466.  The look on Blake's face when he's on the baseball diamond.
467.  The grocery store.
468.  The farmers market.
469.  The hair salon.
470.  The way your hair smells after you leave the hair salon.
471.  The Nook.
472.  The Rock'N'Play.
473.  The pacifiers.
474.  The kids' "blankies".
475.  The quietness of naptime.
476.  The sound of birds chirping.
477.  The time spent with friends.
478.  The emails exchanged with friends.
479.  The first sip out of a Pepsi can.
480.  The comfort of your own bed.


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