The most bang for my buck.

Easiest dessert to make?

Strawberry shortcake.  Hands down.

You put some flower, sugar, and shortening in a bowl, mix it a little, and VOILA:

Major wife points.  :)

Let me tell you...this batch tasted FANTASTIC.  I'm wondering if it was because the kids were helping me and we ended up doubling the sugar in the shortcake...but I'm pretty sure that it's an accident I'm willing to make EVERY SINGLE TIME from now on.  Y.U.M.

(I used the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook, but I can't find the exact one- or even a similar one, for that matter- to link up to on their website.  The recipe I used is almost identical to this one.)

(PS- before you go thinking I'm all industrious for making homemade shortcake and such, you must know I chose to make it so that I could use up some strawberries I found in the freezer that I've been hoarding since 2010.  oops.)


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