A trip to the doc.

Both Blake and Abby got to see Doc N today.  (Camille sat very smugly in the chair...I'm pretty sure she enjoyed being the only one "off the hook" for today.)

It was a lonnng appointment, but we survived.  Actually, I'm not sure who gets more tired after the kids' appointments- me or them.

At any rate, Blake is 37 pounds and 42 inches tall.  Such a big boy- he even did the eye test and got his blood pressure measured with a little blood pressure cuff.  :)  I was all set for his major round of shots today, but Doc N says he prefers to do them at five years instead of four.  Blake didn't mind one bit.

Abby is just over 11 pounds (?!?!), and is 24 inches long....nearly double her birth weight, and up 3.5 inches from birth.  Crazy.  Camille started out bigger, but was lighter and shorter at this point.

I'm glad we're done...for a couple of months, at least.


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