Choices and priorities

It's 5:45 a.m.  

I just finished feeding Abby, and I'm sitting* in our really comfy bed.  I've got 45 minutes before the alarm goes off.  

Do I go back to sleep...I'm sooo tired and the bed feels so good!

Or do I try to exercise...knowing that if I don't do it now I won't get a chance the rest of the day...and [GULP!] it's been more than a week since I exercised last?

My body needs the sleep, but my body also needs the exercise...I know I'll feel better if I run, but is it worth it?  Which does my body need more?  


I ran.

And I ran a lot farther than I thought I could.

And I am proud that I made that choice.  

*Um...yes.  I chose to use "sitting" instead of "laying"...or "lying".  Quite frankly for some reason I can't ever remember which one I'm supposed to I just don't.  So there.


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