Late to the party.

Our days were a little full leading up to Christmas, but the kids reeeeeally wanted to make gingerbread houses.  I promised them that we would make them after Christmas, but before new years.  I figured they'd get a kick out of mixing the dough, cutting the pieces out, and baking the houses.

Honestly?  This year the thought of doing all that with THREE REALLY GOOD HELPERS made me feel tired.

Well, during an emergency thread-buying trip I came across some clearanced gingerbread kits.  FABULOUS.  Already baked.  Nearly indestructible.  CANDY INCLUDED! 

No hesitation necessary.  I bought one of these kits for cheaper than I could have bought a bottle of molasses and a bag of candies.  An added bonus was that the kit included four little for each of the kids (and one left for me) fighting over who got to decorate what.

Without further ado...


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