A few more.

A few more presents, if you'll indulge me.  I hope if nothing else I'm giving you some good ideas for next year.  :)

This was a little zippered pouch for our "adopt-a-college-student" friend.

A table runner thank you gift from some scraps in return for some scraps (if you can follow that).

And finally, Steve.  My brother has said for awhile that he reallllly wants a Border Collie, and he's going to name him Steve. I'm not a fabulous knitter by any means, but I had to attempt it.  The pattern came from Knit Your Own Dog, which thankfully, was available in our library and was way easier to follow than I had first thought it would be.  I think/hope my brother got a kick out of a gift, because I sure enjoyed knitting it.


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