And the cat came back.

Or really Nate.  Nate came back.

He visited his brother in NYC and then got stuck in the snow.  Or his plane got stuck in the snow, rather, and it took him longer to get home than I thought.

But he got home safely last night, and I'm glad.

Sometimes I joke about the list of reasons that I married him:

24/7 tech support.
His good taste in jewelry.
His singing voice.
His omelets.
His gravy.
His dad's chili.
He knows Roman numerals (I don't...therefore I need him for crossword puzzles).
He likes Chuck E. Cheese (I don't...that's his parenting domain).

The list goes on and on.  

And last night as I drove home from the airport with him (finally) sitting next to me, I was reminded of another- 

He likes to drive (I don't).  

And I love that I get to be the one in the seat right next to him.



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