The engineer in the room.

It's really pretty cold. 
The Cobalt lives outside.
Both Nate and I had some mysterious stomach ailment last night...mine lasted until this morning.

All of these things added up to Nate working from home today.  We explained to the kids that Daddy was home, but that he was still working, and that he shouldn't be bothered.

So.  Nate set up his laptop, donned his headphones, and got to work.

The kids were really very good about ignoring him. 

Blake spent more than two hours making some Batman armor,

(and the girls spent that time chasing each other up and down the hall...)

All in all it went very well, but I admit it was kind of strange having him in the middle of "my" territory when he wasn't supposed to be there today...  And as I write this I'm realizing I had better get supper going.  I'm guessing his commute won't take him nearly as long tonight.  ;)


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