Vintage Quilt Revival: Week 9!

I have absolutely loved this quilt along with Sukie.

I've loved being challenged with the blocks.  I've loved the fabrics I used.  I even love the way the book smells.  :)

The only thing I don't love?

I had jusssssst enough fabric to finish this week's blocks with my pretty fabrics.  I'm going to have to finish out the last two blocks with different fabrics.  :(

But, that means I get to show you this week's blocks...


I love it.  I really love it.  At first I wasn't sure if I would love the sampler look of so many different types of blocks, but it works. 

I keep sitting here trying to decide which block is my favorite...but I can't.  Maybe if you forced me to choose, I would pick the middle one in the bottom row (because of the colors), or the bottom row far right  There are so many that I love!  Dare I ask if you have a favorite? to finish it off?!


Anonymous said…
second row from the bottom, far left.
Anonymous said…
Second row from the bottom, second one. Love them all, Anne. GREAT job!
Anonymous said…
What a great job you did. Love them all.
I like both the stars in the third row down. :)

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