Always the same, always different. Always the same.

The kids lost another great-grandparent this weekend.

You know, it's always the same.  

Tears.  Goodbyes.  Never knowing what to say.  An exit from this world....and an entrance into the presence of the LORD.

The same awful-wonderful song stuck on repeat.

And yet, somehow it's always different.

You'd think since it's always the same it would be easier.  Your head knows what to think and your tongue learns what to say.

But it's a different person.  A different hole that's left.  The arrow pierces a different part of the target.  

Unexpectedly, the tears come from a different spot.

And yet...

Through all the swirling and the spinning and the sadness and confusion...the similarities and the differences.


The one who walks beside us every single time.

Does not change.

At all.

He's always our comfort.  He's always our savior.  He's always our stronghold and fortress.

He's always good.  Even in the bad.



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