Don't look a gift chicken in the neck...

A couple of days ago I blogged about how my least favorite part of cooking a turkey is dealing with the "extras."

Haha...not funny.

We were given a chicken.  I don't know the entire story behind the bird, but I know it didn't come from a grocery store.  I guess it was "fresh."  At any rate, we were really appreciative of the gift- chicken's not that cheap!  I was excited to start planning what I'd do with it. 

Well, last week I thawed it out, and on Friday I decided I'd cook it.  (I was going for extra wife points and doing all of this while Nate was at work.)  After I cleaned up the "yuck" that somehow seeped all over my fridge (um...yeah.  should have remembered to thaw it in a pan...), I braced myself, opened up the bird, and saw that THE CHICKEN STILL HAD A NECK.  A long neck.  A very long, very attached neck.

I called Nate at work and whimpered a lot. sum it up, I did deal with the neck, and I ended up cooking up a really yummy chicken. (By the way, Nate lost husband points when he chuckled and told me to just walk over to the knife block and pick out one that was big and sharp.) Also, today I'm feeling all proud of myself because I've started a pot of stock and planned some tasty soup for supper.

The next time someone gives us a "real" chicken, however, I'm ditching the wife points and making sure Nate's around before I open up the bag.   ;)


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