Immediately blogworthy.

I won a free turkey!  Not just the cheapest-that-I-can-find-on-sale kind that I usually get.  A BUTTERBALL turkey.  

Well, actually I won a coupon for $15 off of a Butterball turkey, but still...

My habit in the past has been to buy a turkey around Thanksgiving when they're cheapest, and then cook and freeze it so that we can have some meals in the freezer.  When I won, the information said I wouldn't receive my coupon for six to eight weeks (i.e. after Thanksgiving).  I was slightly bummed, because I was pretty sure that if I would receive the coupon before Thanksgiving I could find a sale and get my bird for free.
Well...I got my coupon in the mail today!  Whee!!

You don't understand.  This totally made my day.


if I fill out and return the survey that was included with my coupon, I can get $5 more off a future Butterball purchase!  Isn't that the best?!  Those are great coupons, baby! gets better.

One of the questions on the survey:
"What could Butterball do to make your Thanksgiving easier?"

My answer?  

"If you could not include the neck and such inside the frozen bird..."

Isn't that a great idea?  They should sell some "empty" birds!  It would totally make my life easer- and Nate's too.  Then he wouldn't have to take all of that stuff out and dispose of it for me every year...  ;)


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